Sterilization procedures are important to any GOOD Dental Practice. A patient’s mouth is usually flooded with microbes, and any dental office that sees a large number of patients a day has an inherent potential for spreading infectious germs between patients and dental staff, through contaminated instruments and surfaces. Infection Control Measures not only reduce the chances of getting a dental infection, they also reduce the risk of catching serious diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

Importance of Sterilization Ident is proud to say that atmost importance is given to the Sterilization Protocol.
a) Disposables are used for every patient starting with the doctor’s face mask, gloves, disposable drapes, glass dispensers, tray covers, suction tips, etc.
b) The instruments after being carefully washed are placed in an Ultra-sonic bath which removes even the tiniest particle due to its high frequency. Then they are subject to cold sterilization with a suitable disinfectant for a few hours. Finally, they are autoclaved (Steam Under Pressure).

According to the centres for Disease Control Dental Instruments are classified into three categories:

Critical Instruments

Semi-Critical Instruments

Non-Critical Instruments

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