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So, what about Dentistry?
It seems Dentistry, Good Dentistry, should be as good a reason as any to get on a plane and fly across the globe. Travel and communication has never been easier than it is today, which has thrown open infinite opportunities in the Dental Industry. This has greatly benefitted India, because it is now able to provide highly skilled dentistry, at a low cost to people from all over the world. Surat, specifically, has been the destination of choice for dental treatment for several reasons; it is an exhilarating city with lots to see and do.
Most importantly, the dentistry is as good, but at a fraction of the cost as compared to the western countries. At IDENT (Surat, Gujarat), we welcome patients from the world over, and promise the best quality of dental care. The equipment is sterilised, and certified so, to meet and exceed international standards. Our talented doctors and exceptional quality, has really put us on the map.

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The example patient below needs 5 dental implants, and is visiting an average priced dentist found on Dental Tourism India.

cost of food per day $50
+ cost of hotel room per day $100
+ cost of transportation per day $20
= expenses per day $170

= expenses per day $170
x number of days travelling 12
= primary expenses $2,040

primary expenses $2,040
+ cost of round trip airfare $750
= Total travel expenses $2,790

total travel expenses $2,790
+ total cost of five implants $7,500
= $10,290

Total cost of travel and treatment abroad: $10,290
Average cost of 5 implants in the US: $17,500
Total savings: $7,210

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